We made malware searchable

As millions of malware evolve and mutate every day, our search technology scales up to the challenge and finds relationships between threats that are invisible to other current technologies

  • Threatray’s code search technology is the first to truly deliver on the promises of code-reuse analysis.
    We use a novel and proven ML based approach and analyse structural properties of code. We don’t use traditional byte patterns, rules etc. to discover code-reuse.
  • Innovation in threat identification & attribution, intelligence analysis & correlation, and advanced malware reverse engineering.

Our core capabilities and features support all malware defense and analysis use cases, making them deeper, faster and more accessible to less skilled analysts.

What Sets Us Apart

Malware identification

Major innovation in malware signature and tracking technology through our unique code search engine.
High resilience to code mutations and malware variants used to bypass other tech.
Tracking 1500+ number of malware families, C2 frameworks, attack tools, as well as non-malicious tools (e.g. Putty) seen in attack chains.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Search

When investigating unknown threats find relevant OSINT (blog posts, Tweets, etc) in seconds.
Privately index your own internal intelligence reporting.
We find OSINT no other current technology can.

Endpoint Memory Analysis

Best of breed identification of fileless in-memory threats.
Threatray memory collector identifies suspicious code in process memory and runs it through the platform.
Memory collector can easily be triggered by EDR, SOAR, Windows admin tools, etc.
Deep dive and triage EDR alerts, detect evasive in memory threats designed to bypass existing tech.

Retro-hunting and threat correlation

Point-and-click retro-hunting for any malware component in seconds, without complex Yara rule writing, etc.
Find relations between malware threats at scale to drive your intelligence investigations, from pivoting, enrichment to case correlation and reto-detection.

Advanced binary intelligence and analysis

We turn binary analysis and malware reverse engineering into an intelligence aided discipline.
We support malware family tracking, finding relations among threats and and attribution / actor analysis through.